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Handling Thorny Ethical Issues in Commercial Litigation CLE

April 24, 2018

Commercial trial lawyers encounter thorny ethical issues at almost every stage of work, starting with a prospective client’s first contact and extending through the end of trial.  By analyzing a series of hypothetical fact patterns modeled on real-life events, participants will learn how spot and quickly deal with ethical issues effectively and professionally.

You Will Learn

  •  How to decide whether or not to represent a client
  • About using Limited Scope Appearance in representation
  • About preparing pleadings and discovery
  • Your responsibilities when representing an organization and its constituents
  • About  preparing your client for deposition and representing your client at deposition
  • About contacting former employees of an opposing party
  • What to do when you suspect your client may testify untruthfully


Stephen J. Conover, Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP
Stewart Edelstein, American Arbitration Association

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